Power Rangers in Russia

"Power Rangers In Russia" - "Могучие Рейнджеры в России" (PRiR), основан в 2004-м году

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     В этом подразделе собрана первая часть текстов музыкальных тем к сезонам японского сериала "Super Sentai Show" (1975-2008).

I - "Secret Task Force Goranger" 1975-77

"Susume! Goranger!" [Main Theme]
(Исполняют: Исао Сасаки и Митсуко Хори)

To sustain the Red sun with mask
Is to keep the only hope, the Blue sky
In the street where Yellow dusts swirl
The five rangers with Pinky faces are there
Blow! Wind of Green future!
Just say - Go...
Go, go!

Unite the five powers!
Cry your victory!
Secret Task Force Goranger!

"Secret Task Force Goranger"
(Исполняет: Исао Сасаки)

Ban bara ban ban ban
Ban bara ban ban ban
Who are...?! Ha Ha! Following us?!
Secret! Hu Hu! Task Force Goranger... Goranger...
Ban bara ban ban ban
Ban bara ban ban ban

Long-abandoned life... life...
Is to protect the green planet... planet
"Unite our powers and skills" -
This is our code
Ya ya ya ho!

II - "JAKQ Blitzkrieg Force" 1977

"JAKQ Blitzkrieg Force" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Исао Сасаки)


Spade heart, hey, hey, hey, hey
Heart pam, hey, hey, hey, hey
Ready! Kobaku!
Hey four cards...

Burning morale and sadness
Inside the hard and cold machine
No one know our secret
This is secret - Secret Ace!

Four androids...
Blitzkrieg Force JAKQ!

III - "Battle Fever J" 1979-80

"Battle Fever J" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: MOJO)

The Earth is calling for help...
Battle Fever!
Someone is calling for us...
Battle Fever!
The cross the oceans
Fly through the sky -
Battle Fever
Five lives, fire up and dance!

Battle France - "Oui!"
Battle Cossack - "Da!"
Battle Kenya - "Ndyo!"
Miss America - "Yeah!"
Battle Japan - "Oooh!"

Each one of them
May be small, but
If they united into one
You will see, that they are invincible!
You too, you too like us -
Unite your strength
Battle Fever J!

"Brave Man Will Go"
(Исполняет: MOJO)

The moment at which lighthing falls
Crossing the seven seas
The five warriors have arrived

With secret anger in your heart
Leaving your smiles in the past
Run by the infernal jungle
Give the final strike with the sword

Me and you, you and me
Betting on a future
In which the flowers bloom
That' now it is, we're as strong as iron!

V - "Solar Task Force Sun Vulcan" 1981-82

"Solar Task Force Sun Vulcan" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Акира Кусита)

Without the firing Sun
Earth will be frozen
Flowers die, birds don't fly
Peoples will lose their smiles

Sun is the star of life
Protecting the fire of happines
Eagle, Shark, Panther!
Eagle, Shark, Panther!
Burn our soul!

Following the Sun! Сatch the Sun!
Solar Task Force Sun Vulcan!

VI - "Great Task Force Goggle V" 1982-83

"Great Task Force Goggle V" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: MOJO)

Stand forward, stand forward,
Hey, peace lovers...
Run and fly, run and fly,
My warriors of love...

To protect the country you loved,
Use Goggle Robo and Go!
Goggle Go!

Google Red,
Goggle Black,
Blue, Yellow and Pink
Weave Earth Sword,
Colect people's forces

Wake up now!
As young lions!
Ah ah, Great Task Force -
Goggle V!!!

"Stop The Battle!"
(Исполняет: MOJO)

Goggle Go!
Goggle Go!

Fighting continues...
Fighting continues...
O-o-h... Stop the battle!

Enemy is the dark Death Dark
They are cold sands, sands from desert
Burn the blood of justice
Fly in a hurry, set off!

All ready set
Goggle Goggle Go
Goggle Goggle Go
Protect the Earth, defeat the evil
Fight! Great Task Force Goggle V!

VII - "Science Task Force Dynaman" 1983-84

"Science Task Force Dynaman" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: MOJO)


Dy Dy Dy Dy Dynaman
Dy Dy Dy Blast! Da Da Da!

Call the wind, conjure the storm
Five warriors - Dynaman
Teach us courage for today
And hope for the future

Burn! Fire Ball!
Burn! Fire Ball!
Kill, kill, Super Dynamite!

Dy Dy Dy Dy Dynaman
Dy Dy Dy Dy Dynaman
Blast! Blast!
Science Task Force Dynaman!

"Dream Comes True" [Ending]
(Исполняет: MOJO)

The five have courage because of a dream
Explosion of anger because of you
The middle of fighting will see tears
Dreaming of the warriors with the proof of oath

Everybody, everybody
The peace of tommorow will see a dream
Everyone's dreams will not be smashed!
Strike the evil Jashinka!
Grand a dream... Dynaman!

IX - "Blitzkrieg Task Force Changeman" 1985-86

"We are Changeman!" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Хиронобу Кагеяма)

Fire will light the heart
And it'll start to burn!
We caught evil dark Gozma!
We can't just site and watch
As if nothing happening
We swear heaven
We're Changeman - love is the power!

To the sighing sky with rainbow
It's our message
Oh, yes, battle to the full victory
We have only one password -
Super Change, Change, Change!
Oh, yes, hold the future with our hands
We are... We are all...
Blitzkrieg Task Force Changeman...
Blitzkrieg Task Force Changeman!

"Never Stop, Changeman!"
(Исполняет: Хиронобу Кагеяма)

We won't stop!
We won't look the other way!
We're emprasing our hopes!

Our souls start to burn up!
It burns so brightly!
If you try to block our path,
You won't get away with just a burn...

Never stop, Changeman!
The five warriors don't need a tommorow!
Never stop, Changeman!
No matter where we'll get past the storm!

Our flame -
Blitzkrieg Task Force Changeman!

XI - "Light Task Force Maskman" 1987-88

"Light Task Force Maskman" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Хиронобу Кагеяма)

The soul burns in the gold Aura...
The mysterious inner human power...
Somebody's voice whispers in your heart...
You can hear it!

A-a-h! A-a-h! It's your body!
The mysterious fountain that came to the surface
It's the star, where the God live!

Spark! Spark! Aura Power!
Let's train oun Aura Power!
Spark! Spark! Aura Power!
We'll show you the Aura Power!
You are beautiful fighter...
A-a-h! Light Task Force Maskman!

"Love Soldier"
(Исполняет: Хиронобу Кагеяма)

Let's make a promise
If it's for you
I'll fight with all my body!
If i had to give up my life to protect your dreams
I wouldn't long for anything else!

A-a-h! Love Soldier Maskman!
A-a-h! Love Soldier Maskman!
I am glad i meet you
Burn, Aura Maskman!

XII - "Super Beast Task Force Liveman" 1988-89

"Super Beast Task Force Liveman" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Дайске Шима)

Can't you hear it?
The sound of the storm
It shall surely shine on you too
The lightningbolt of burning love

Look up at the sky!
Crush the darkness!
Hold on to a warn star!
A hero of life!

Fight strongly Liveman!
The strengh of youth
Teach us the beauty of life
Fight strongly Liveman!

Aiwing for tomorrow
Youth, explosion, fire!
Youth, scorching hot fire!
Super-Beast Task-Force Liveman!

"Live In Tommorow!" [Ending]
(Исполняет: Дайске Шима)

Fighting, Fighting Go Go Liveman!
The dawn is breaking
Jumping Jumping We Are Liveman!
Our hearts are burning too

Every creature has a warm soul
Flowers, birds, people and so on
Wow wow wow wow
When you're crying, Let's flight

I want to light up your dreams
When sweetness is changing into danger, Let's jump
I want to watch over you
Let's live on to tomorrow

"Strike! Live Robo!"
(Исполняет: Коджи Койя)

XIV - "Earth Task Force Fiveman" 1990-91

"Earth Task Force Fiveman" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Кендж Сузуки)

1 2 3 4 5
Take your life and face danger
The earth is in peril

It is the only planet in the galaxy in which rainbows fall
Tied with a bond of miracles
Give them the hot hot flames

wow wow wow wow my brother
wow wow wow wow my sister
Save the life of this beautiful planet

wow wow wow wow my brother
wow wow wow wow my sister
Protect with that love those who are important to you
The future of those who are important to you
wow wow wow

1 2 3 4 5
Earth Task Force

"Earth Task Force Fiveman" [Ending]
(Исполняет: Кенджи Сузуки)

If to battle is to love
I will keep fighting for you
Because your happiness is my wish

If, in exchange for my life,
Your future is fulfilled
I'd have no regrets
hey hey hey

Because you're my future
Because you're my future
I'll give you all my love

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"Power Rangers In Russia" - "Могучие Рейнджеры в России" (PRiR), основан в 2004-м году