Power Rangers in Russia

"Power Rangers In Russia" - "Могучие Рейнджеры в России" (PRiR), основан в 2004-м году

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     В этом подразделе собрана вторая часть текстов музыкальных тем к сезонам японского сериала "Super Sentai Show" (1975-2008).

XVI - "Dinosaur Task Force Zyuranger" 1992-93

"Dinosaur Task Force Zyuranger" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Сату Кента)

Zyuranger, Zyuranger!
Stand up, legendary warriors!
Zyuranger, Zyuranger!
With hope that lasts across time...
Dinosaur Task Force Zyuranger!

Walking without a sound
Dominate on a far away land
The five of yours fangs are here
Show me a future adventure!

Zyuranger, Zyuranger!
Stand up, ethernal warriors!
Zyuranger, Zyuranger!
You'll always be near...
Dinosaur Task Force Zyuranger!

XVII - "Five Star Squadron Dairanger" 1993-94

"Five Star Squadron Dairanger" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: New Jack)

It's a Heavently Henshin!!!
It's a Chi Power!!!
Dance, swords!
Roar, fists!
Dragonranger... Lionranger...
Pegasus... Griffon... Fenixranger!

Chi Power...
Heavently Henshin!!!
Change at will
I wanted to see
You stop crying and smile

Chi Power...
Heavently Henshin!!!
Change at will
Burn deep down
Our crimson flame

Shine in heavens!
Five stars!
Five Star Squadron...
Five Star Squadron...

"We are Invincible! Dairanger!" [Ending]
(Исполняет: New Jack)

Jumping Up, Come On, Come On, you awesome guys
The best in the world, strong guys!
Around and Around the rood, spinning!
This bottle keeps banging around!

Shining in your chest are five stars!

Rise up and use the power of your minds
Come on! Daredevils!
Chi Power Heavenly Transformation!
Star Studded Force!
We are the invisible, DaiRanger!

XVIII - "Ninja Task Force Kakuranger" 1994-95

"Kakuranger, Ninja Ninja! ("Secret Kakuranger")" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Ти Чи Чен)

Kakuranger, Ninja Ninja!

Bridge with lights is a diamond
Adventure to alternative dimension
Mysteries everywhere
Let me connect them all
Secret Kakuranger...

At sunset i finally
Get alone with that girl
Meanwhile, there is a gust of wind
Somewhere between us
Someone dissapeared in the darkness

What is that?
What what what it is?
Ninja ninja ninja ninja...
Kakuranger, Ninja Ninja
Ninja Task Force Kakuranger!

XIX - "Super Power Task Force Ohranger" 1995-96

"Ohre! Ohranger!" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Кентаро Хайами)

Dash! Dash! Ohranger!
Dash! Dash! Ohranger!
The heartbeat of the earth is beginning to disappear!
Hurry! Dash! Ohranger!

The steel machines that don't bleed hot blood
Freezes the wishes for peace!
If you face tomorrow and burn your courage
You won't be afraid of the Baranoia!

If I dash foward, I can't stop. Ohre!
If is sink my teeth into it, Iwon't let go. Ohre!
I'll chase the big dreams
Ohre! Ohre! Ohre!

"Emergency Take Off! Ohranger!" [Ending]
(Исполняет: Кентаро Хайами)

Scramble! Scramble! A resoundind siren!
Take off! Take off! Thunder Wing! Scramble!
Yes, Ranger!

The wide skies, the bright sun!
And the fickle wind asks a question!
Why do you fly faster than the birds?
Why do you dance higher than clouds?

Go! Go! Go! Ohranger!
Until the day where theres no fighting!
Go! Go! Go! Ohranger!
Spread your wings, Ohranger!

XX - "Racing Car Team Carranger" 1996-97

"Full Accelerate!" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Сигемору Такеяма)

If I drive my favourite car with all my heart
I can make any kind of courve with ease
With the "Dadada Didada Dudada" roar of the engine
I can somehow win by a teardrop

Boy, don't give up, you gotta believe!
You're the Hero of tomorrow everyone dreams of!
Let's go!
Carranger! Carranger! You gotta run towards the future

You're accelerator is reviving up!
Go! Go!
Carranger! Carranger!
After we realize our dream maybe we can become the light!
Racing Car Team Carranger!

"Paradise Samba" [Ending]
(Исполняет: Сигемору Такеяма)

The big boss puts on a scary look
And yells 'Keep it up, keep going'
We're living beings too
If we don't rest, we'll be all worn out

Let's have fun dancing samba
When battle's over, it's paradise
We dance our miseries from defeat away with the samba
And we forget them right then and there wahhahha

Two pigeons on a power line, make that three, samba
When there is love, this world will be a paradise
Good job guys, samba
Next time, victory will surery be ours
Don't kick so hard, okay?
Sometimes you ought to lose too, okay?

XXI - "Electromagnetic Task Force Megaranger" 1997-98

"Electromagnetic Task Force Megaranger" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Наото Фууга)

We're surfin through the Net of Light's waves!
We don't worry about time
The feeling it's just exhilarating!

But what a surprise!
The world is becoming twisted!
There's a great precense of evil!

Jump out! Run forth!
Right now!
Go Mega! Transform Mega!
Say goodbay the boredom!

Look Mega! Finish it Mega!
You body just starts moving on its own!
There's a million curiosities
Our Mega! Mega! Mega!
Electromagnetic Task Force...

"Is it Just Imagination?" [Ending]
(Исполняет: Наото Фууга)

Even in sad times...
Even when you want to cry...
...the Digitizer will still ring.

You try responding by pretending to be happy.
But you can't hide it.
In a quiet voice you pespond, "Say what you want."

Is it my imagination, this warmth in my wrist?
Is it my imagination, that you'll soon be at my side?
It seems like I hear all that encouragement for the first time.
...when said soflty into my ear.

XXII - "Star Beast Team Gingaman" 1998-99

"Star Beast Team Gingaman" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Масато Симон)

Run! Bet to return to the threatened Earth!
Run! Wildly shake and become the wind!
Roar! Roar! Roar!

Catch the earth listen to the sounds of your feet.
Strong severely.
Can fight anyone.
Setting sun emotions will rise.

Gan gan Gi gin Gingaman!
Gan gan Gi gin Gingaman!
Five battle cries burst out forth.

Gan gan Gi gin Gingaman!
Gan gan Gi gin Gingaman!
Piercing through the galaxy.
The legendary blades.
Star Beasts Task Force Gingaman!

"Naked Mind" [Ending]
(Исполняет: Масато Симон)

Stand directly towards the sun and watch
If your unhappy shadow becomes bigger
Heavily lie down on te ground and watch
If your tears suddenly became bigger

Your naked might! I need you so I want you to stay
Run through it, let's go
Within greens, bornwith you
The season of the stars, been called to you
Today's day is, Tomorrow's LEGEND

XXIV - "Future Task Force Timeranger" 2000-01

"Future Task Force Timeranger" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Сасаки Куми)

Go over time and space...

Beyond the future!
Ride on the future!
Live on my dream!
Live on my soul!

If the clock ticked away
Incessantly for an enternity
I wonder, how many seconds
Would be counted up?

Fate! With these hands i'll catch you!
In this savage sity
A new wind awakening!

It's just now!
Timeranger brightening hope
On this naked land
You are like the light overflowing!

A thousand years...
Beyond the future...
Cross over time...
Ride on the future...
Live in the "now"
People of the future!

Live on my dream!
Live on my soul!
Open the tomorrow!
Wake up...

"Into Time" [Ending]
(Исполняет: Сасаки Куми)

It be wilders in my heart
It's the mystery of time
No one can unravel it
It's the blue Mobius

Coursing throught my body
Is the history of time
I continue to wander
It's an eternal illusion

The clockwork of the streets
Break! It's begun to break down
Surrounded by the noise of the crowl
Stop! Just break out!

I continue walking...
Into the wind blowing this way...
Just beyond my extended hand...
I see, the future so...

I continue walking...
In order to shine...
Way off in the distance...
To the end of time...

XXV - "Hundred Beast Team Gaoranger" 2001-02

"Gaoranger Roar!" [Main Theme]
(Исполняет: Юки Ямагато)

Gao, beat them!
Gao, attack them!
Gao, shout loud!
Gao, defeat the enemy!
Gao, Gao, Gao!

The wild spirits is calling each other
Sharpen the five senses
The sleeping forces will awaken

Gao Lion! Gao Lion!
Gao Lion! Gao Lion!

Shout loud your masculine voice
To defend the earth
Gao! Go on!
Gao! Exept yourself!
Hundred Beast Team Gaoranger!

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"Power Rangers In Russia" - "Могучие Рейнджеры в России" (PRiR), основан в 2004-м году