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"Power Rangers In Russia" - (PRiR), was established in 2004

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(release: 31.12.2012; Questions by Oblivion)

     At first. Your new album Redux. Several words about it. Who helped you to working on the album?
     For the last 15 years I’ve been asked to recut the songs the ended up on Redux mainly because the originals had so much dialog over them on the original “Rock Adventure” album.
     I finally had opening in my schedule this year and decided it was time to improve on the originals. I played everything except the lead guitars which were done by Mark Ricciardi who came highly recommended by Hans Zimmer’s team.

     At now Saban Brands is working on the new seasons of the Power Rangers. Were you invited by them to working on soundtrack? And do you want to do it?
     Saban has not contacted me since they initially purchased the property back from Disney. There was a moment where it looked like I’d be back on the show, but they opted to use a family friend (Noam Kaniel) to do the music.
     If they did contact me, I would be interested. But I doubt very much that will happen.

     Two years ago you have finished the work on your new songs which called American Hero, Fight Back, Revengers. What's can you say about working on these songs?
     Rock Band Network asked about using the MMPR theme which, sadly was impossible for them to license so, we discussed writing new material and then “American Hero” was born. The song is really about my frustration with our political approach to things. It’s a little sarcastic.
     “Fight Back” was just a statement about not taking abuse from anyone. It’s that simple.
     “Revengers” was originally a theme written for Marvel’s “Avengers Assemble” (animated series) and when it was not used, I just switched a few words. LOL!

     Do you can give us a detailed list of movies and TV series for which you have recorded any song(-s)?
     Oh man! This is tough…going by memory, only songs I sang on. VR Troopers, Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century, Sushi Pack, Dino Squad, Hot In Cleveland & The Soul Man. I know there’s more, but I can’t remember them all. There are 20-30 other shows/movies I’ve written the songs for but did not sing.

     Recently you published instrumental version of Mach 23 on soundcloud in high quality. It seems it's first song from Power Rangers OST uploaded for free download in lossless format (sorry, if I'm wrong). Naturally I mean a songs which was not official release on CD. Will you publish more songs/instrumentals in high quality?
     No. There are no others. “Mach 23” was well under way before I realized that since it had never been official released on CD etc., I could not recut the song (legal reasons) and so I stopped right where you hear it now.

     Do you have a demo-versions of the songs you made for the "Power Rangers"? If yes, don't you think about publish most successful demo-records or songs unused in Power Rangers for your listeners? I think your fans would be happy to hear it.
     No demo versions were ever made for any PR song. They were always created from my head to the finished product.

     What's about Fisher band? If I'm not wrong you are working on a new album now. Is it right? Any news? If it is, how will be released the album? CD or web-album?
     Yes, Fisher – We have just begun writing. We have 3-4 so far that we like. We plan on doing rough versions and will continue to write until we have the 11-12 tracks we like. Then we’ll start the process of recording the real versions. Hoping to be done by Spring 2013…summer at the latest.
     This will be web only I think. CD sales are so bad there is no sense in doing them any more imho.

     What do you think about forming of a super-band with you? Who should be the rest members in this band?
     Sadly I have stage fright which is why I’ve never fronted a band BUT if I could, I’d get Flea from the Hot Chilli Peppers for bass, Eddie Van Halen for guitars and Matt Sorum (Guns and Roses) for drums. That would be one hell of a band.

     Process of working on what is your song was most interesting? Why?
     “We Need A Hero” was the most interesting because it’s the most dynamic track and needed the most work. It was really hard to do and so I loved the re-creation of that one.

     What's your five favourite musical albums?
     a. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
     b. Metallica - Metallica
     c. Nirvana - Nevermind
     d. Radiohead - OK Computer
     e. Pink Floyd - The Wall

     What do you think about musical industry in nowadays?
     It’s just starting to be reborn with all sorts of ‘indie’ artists and experimental people who are not being shoved into a mold to sound like everyone else and just make money.
     The major labels are dying and the next 10 years will be shockingly great as the new direction is set in the music business.

     Do you know any Russian rock bands?
     I feel bad saying this but….no.

     What's your plans on the future?
     I do a lot of television shows and I would love to get something very dark and creative where I could explore the very dangerous side of scoring. That would really be something.

     And last question. What do you want to say and wish to your Russian fans?
     Screw the politicians in both our countries. We here in America do not hate you. We are all just people who love our families, work, have fun, have bad times, try to be good…..absolutely no different than the Russian people.
     I dream of coming to Russia one day…it’s on my bucket list.
     Thanks so much for being interested in my work. I sincerely appreciate it.
     Best, Ron Wasserman

"Power Rangers In Russia" - (PRiR), was established in 2004