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"Power Rangers In Russia" - (PRiR), was established in 2004

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(release: 18.03.2007; Questions by Zeo5 and "Russian Ranger Board" special for website "Power Rangers In Russia"

     -How has it turned out that you were invited to execute the soundtrack to "Power Rangers" in 1993?
     -I was starting to write a few themes and do some background (Score) music for Saban. One day they came in with the opening footage for a new show they were trying to sell. I took a look at it and luckily banged out that entire theme in about 2 1/2 hours. That was supposed to just be my guide vocal (reference for a real singer) on the track but FOX Network TV loved it as is. That is how I began working on the show.

     What is your favorite song or soundtrack to Power Rangers (and why?)
     -We Need A Hero. It's my favorite because there are no more role models for people to look up to. Politicians are corrupt, famous actors and musicians are mostly in some sort of trouble all the time and it's a sad time.

    -Tell us about your new group "Fisher", please.
     -Fisher has actually been around for a while. My wife and I started it About 10 years ago. Had some pretty good success but now that part of our lives has slowed down. The music business it rather bad in the United States at the moment. Everyone is downloading stuff for free (fine with me) and the record companies don't know what to do any more. We still do a few songs now and then and have a large fan base, but I don't believe we'd do another CD or ever tour again.

     -Would you like to be one of the "hero" of your own compositions, i.e. to become a Ranger?
     -Boy that's a really hard question since I'm more of a person that describes and writes 'about' situations rather than about myself or being a particular situation. I just like to paint a very positive and yet realistic picture about things...I do hope that is clear.

     -What can you say about "Go Go Power Rangers"? How the idea of this soundtrack has come in your mind?
     -I remember the one comment from Haim Saban that night I wrote the theme Was to use the word "Go." The "Go Go PR" thing just kind of popped out when I was writing the track. Total luck.

      - What do you think (and can say) about another PR band - Super Power & Jim Cushinery?
     - Super Power&Jim Cushinery? I'm good friends with Jim...have been for a long time. I think he did a great job on the PR stuff and on his own bands material. He's a great guy, an absolutely brilliant writer (he's just finishing his first short film that he wrote) and just funny as can be.

     -Have you ever watched "Power Rangers"? What seasons do you prefer most of all and why?
     -I only watched the show at the very beginning. Please remember I was Working about 80 hours a week on the music so the last thing I wanted to do when I finally had a moment to relax was to watch more Power Rangers. It kind of took over my life for several years.

     -What you can say about this songs: "You Are The Power Team", "In The Morning", "Go Go Tommy Go" (when did you sang that?), "Go White Ranger Go" (there is a copy of it or no?), "Gonna Make It Right"?
     -You Are The Power Team, In the Morning....wasn't me so I have no comment On those. Go Go Tommy Go...was this done to the main PR theme? If so, I probably did that in like 20 minutes one night. Don't have a copy as far as I know.

     - What do you think about Super Sentai?
     -Very cool. Looks great and I like how things keep evolving.

     -How do you estimate soundtracks from Sentai?
     I have watched a few of the Japanese versions of Power Rangers. I actually think they're done really well....even a little better than the Disney versions and I LOVE the music. The score is really great.

     -What about your hobbies besides music? If you would not become the musician, whom would you may become?
     -Perhaps a stunt driver for the movies or a lawyer. Not sure what I would have ended up doing besides music because it's all I did pretty much sine I was 3. It was in my blood.

     -Ron, what dishes do you like most of all? And what about sports?
     -I hate to admit it, but my favorite food a perfectly cooked CHEESEBURGER! I'm such a junk food person. Sports. I like everything a little bit. I'm not much of a spectator meaning I don't like to watch hings, I like to do things. I've always been much more interested in technical stuff, computers etc. and would always spend my time doing that instead of watching sports....not that there is anything wrong with hat, it's just not what I do.

     -What is your favourite film?
     -What Dreams May Come. A great and really interesting idea. Starring Robin Williams.

     -What are you afraid in the life?
     -My little boy getting hurt. Once you have a kid, that fear lives with you constantly.

     -Have you any kind of "good-luck-talisman" which you never leave?
     -Not really. I am however a firm believer in Feng Shui so I tend to keep things very organized. I'm also somewhat superstitious which at times can really be difficult to deal with.

     -What the first image comes to your mind when you hear a word "Russia"?>
     -COLD! But remember that Russia was always portrayed as a cold dreary dark place in all American media. Why? Because that was the propaganda 'folks'wanted us to think of all of you. Now, I think of beautiful people, just wanting to live a nice peaceful wonderful life...like we all want.

     -What do you want to wish all of your fans from Russia?
     -I am so honored and tremendously happy to do this, my very first interview for Russia. The world has changed in so many great ways that we can now send emails to each other. It makes us all more human and I believe that as long as we keep talking all the time...directly, everything will eventually lead to a peaceful and happy planet.

"Power Rangers In Russia" - (PRiR), was established in 2004